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Legal Recruiting Firms: How To Find The Best Ones

Looking for an attorney job but finding it hard to find one? Here are tips to find legal recruiting firms that can find the right job for you.

If you are wracking your brains about finding the attorney job you really want, practicality should tell you to look for legal recruiters. To shed some light on that subject, good legal recruiters can help you land positions in certain companies or firms that best suit your professional goals.

Legal recruiters call themselves a number of things such as attorney recruiters, legal headhunters, or executive recruiters. Whatever name they use, effective legal recruiters can help you identify legal positions you would not otherwise be able to find on your own, as well as help you put together resumes and cover letters to help you stand out from the crowd. But choosing a legal recruiter is just as hard as finding a job, and if you are unlucky enough to choose a bad one, you may lose your chances of getting that dream job, or worse -- get blacklisted.

Almost every legal recruiting firm will style itself as the best in the business, and there are many that meet different kinds of needs. Some specialize in law firm placement, in-house jobs, or part-time and contract position. Not everyone’s need for a legal recruiter is the same; therefore in looking for a legal recruiting firm that best suits your needs, you should narrow down your list to one or two that best suits your job search. Now that you’ve narrowed your list, how can you find out if those legal recruiters are any good?

Ask your peers and colleagues what they have heard about that legal recruiting firm. There is bound to be more than one of your lawyer friends that knows a thing or two about legal recruiters. Some may even be where they are right now because of a legal recruiting firm. They may be able to recommend someone to you.

Check the Internet for more information. How well does the legal recruiting firm rank on Google? Are they on the first page? Don’t forget to check other sources as well, such as legal publications, blogs, and testimonials that can tell you how good or bad a legal recruiting firm really is.

If you find a legal recruiting firm that looks good on paper, but has only been in business for two years or less, then beware. Jumping the bandwagon based on their slick brochure or website is not the kind of risk you want to take. Do some research, inquire as to the clients they represent, and the candidates they have successfully placed. Look at the jobs they have listed on their website. If you are still uncertain, stick to a recruiting firm that has been in business for at least five years. If they have lasted this long, chances are probably good at what they do.

Legal recruiting firms tend to vary in terms of the services and the assistance they provide. Some legal recruiting firms do not only identify positions on your behalf, but also help you to secure the job. Some of the services that a firm can offer include resume and cover letter assistance, as well as interview preparation.

Professional legal recruiting firms often offer state-of-the-art database access where you can sign-in directly and update your contacts and resume. Finally, a good legal recruiting firm ensures that the job suits your skills and experience – they focus on making the right fit.

Finding top-notch legal recruiting firms is not a simple task. Just don’t forget to narrow down what you really need before signing up. You should know that there are a good many legal recruiting firms available out there, so take your time and look them up. Always keep a keen eye, and never let yourself fall for bogus over exaggerated ads; chances are the bigger the claim, the less effective the firm.

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